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Press Corner

The Inaugural Charity Concert of The Hong Kong Medical Association Charitable Foundation - Arts for Everyone
(27 June 2006)

"Time has no meaning to me...I want to put an end to this endless waiting..." Tang Shiu Bun (Bun Tsai) wrote in a letter he sent to legislators to argue for the legalization of euthanasia in 2004.

Steven Hawking's brief history in Hong Kong might not have clarified the universe's enigma to everyone, but the scientist has certainly convinced us that time, even if tied to an electric wheelchair, can be meaningful. After listening to his inspiring talk, Bun Tsai now said he would like to work on his autobiography.

Bun Tsai has been confined to the Queen Mary Hospital since an accident that happened more than 15 years ago. Steven Hawking, with a progressively degenerating neurological disease, has been travelling and lecturing round the globe. To return to the community Bun Tsai needs more than medicine and equipment. He needs to be reconnected to the community. He needs to realize his potential in the society, to have a purpose in life.

Perhaps a little encouragement and practical tips from Christina Wong, one of the ADA Angels of the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, would help Bun Tsai kick off his ambitious project.

Miss Christina Wong Ming Yan suffered from German measles in infancy that has left her totally blind. The disease took away her eyesight, but not her vision in life. She has published two books after her studies in Australia, and now used to signing her autograph for readers waiting in queues. She is also an accomplished singer and song writer. Her performance in a charity concert has helped raised millions of dollars.

Art is about creativity and imagination, sensitivity and intuition. Painter Ko Nam, another ADA Angel, is a living example of individuals excelling in an area when deprived in one of the senses. Born in China, Ko Nam lost his hearing as a result of a childhood illness. Colors and forms provide another powerful channel of communication for an artist living in a silent world. His paintings are highly acclaimed for a unique calmness and beauty and are in high demand by museums and collectors all over the world.

Over a quarter of a million people are living with a disability in Hong Kong. The Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADA) has been promoting the idea that everyone has the potential for creativity. Their vision parallels the motto of the Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA): "To safeguard the health of the people". To further encourage the medical profession to involve in community projects and coordinate various charitable activities, the Association is setting up the Hong Kong Medical Association Charitable Foundation and has elected The Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong as the Foundation's first beneficiary.

An Inaugural Concert would be held in City Hall Concert Hall on 2 July Sunday, 8pm to raise funds for The Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Medical Association Charitable Foundation. In the press conference, Dr. CHOI Kin, President of the HKMA, passed this meaningful mission to Dr. CHOW Pak Chin, Chairman of the Charitable Foundation, who spoke on the vision and objectives of the Foundation. Dr. CHAN Yee Shing, Chairman of the Concert Organizing Committee, shared with us the coordination involved in making the Charity Concert a reality, and congratulated the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADA) for being the first beneficiary of the Foundation.

Dr. David FANG, Hon. President of ADA, expressed the Association's gratitude towards the HKMA and the Foundation. Dr. Fang also introduced the range of services of ADA, which include providing appropriate assistance to artists with different disabilities. Both Christina Wong and Ko Nam were present in the press conference to explain how the Art with the Disabled Association Hong Kong have made their dreams come true. They have given Bun Tsai invaluable advices by sharing with him how they have overcome their obstacles in pursuing their individual artistic path.

Both artists are also contributing to this fundraising event. Ko Nam has donated the image of one of his greatest works "The Rhyme of Autumn" to be featured in this concert's publications. Christina Wong would sing Schubert's "Serenade" accompanied by the Hong Kong Medical Association Orchestra, amongst eminent musicians and doctors such as Dr. David FANG, Mr. LAM Sze Chung, Miss Erin CHOI, the St. Margaret's Church Choir, the HKMA Choir, and the HKMA Orchestra. The latter would be performing the original version of Schumann's Fourth Symphony in D minor.

Friends of the media who would like to know more about the event please call Miss Candy YUEN, The Hong Kong Medical Association, at 2527 8285.


Notes to editors :
The Hong Kong Medical Association, founded in 1920, aims to bring together Hong Kong's government, institutional, university and private medical practitioners for an effective exchange of views and co-ordination of efforts. The foremost objective of the Association is to safeguard and promote public health. The Association speaks collectively for its members and aims to keep its members abreast of medical ethics, issues and advances around the world. In fulfilling these goals, the association hopes to better serve the people of Hong Kong.

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