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We are an organization that represents registered medical Practitioners in Hong Kong Founded in 1920, the Hong Kong Medical Association...
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Sponsors & Founding Members

Founding Member

Dr. CHAN Kin Keung Eugene Dr. LAM Choh Ming Dr. WONG Bun Lap Bernard
Dr. CHAN Po Hon Dr. LEE Wai Tsun Dr. & Mrs. WONG Yat Cheung Charles
Mr. CHAN Wing Wah Thomas Dr. LEUNG Chi Chiu Dr. WONG Chi Ho Jimmy, BBS, JP
Dr. CHAN Yu Kwan Dr. LEUNG Sai Wing Mr. WONG Chiu Hoi Fred
Dr. & Mrs. CHANG Fuk To Mrs. LEUNG Sophie Dr. WONG Ho Yung
Dr. CHENG Khen Lee Denis Mrs. LEUNG WONG Sally, SBS, JP Dr. WONG Kuo Jui
Dr. CHENG Chi Man Mr. LI Siu Hong Gordon Mr. WONG Kwai Lam
Mrs. CHEUNG Mei Tak Dr. LO Yan Kwong Dr. WONG Shou Pang
Dr. CHEUNG Ming Chee Michael Dr. LOW Say Woon John Matthew Mr. & Mrs. WONG S.Y. David
Dr. CHIU Shin Chak Dr. MA Tin Ging Hector Dr. WONG Wai Kwong
Mr. CHU Chi Shun Albert Mrs. MILBURN Sin Ming Caroline Dr. YAN Wing Tat Victor
Dr. DAN Bing Kwan Robert Dr. MOK Hing Yu Ms. YAU Kit Sum Fiona
Dr. FAN Yar Yin Dr. & Mrs PAK Chi Shing Mrs. YAU YU Sim Wah Winnie
Dr. FONG Ping Ching Dr. POON Tak Lun Ms. YEW Pui Ying
Mr. Ho Chin Keung Albert Dr. TANG Shu On Peter Mr. YU Gabriel
Mr. HUNG Hei King Kenneth Dr. TAM Tat Wah C S Surveyors Limited
Dr. HUNG Leung Kim Mr. TING Woo Shou Kennth Harilela Foundation Limited
Dr. KOO Hok Tin Dr. TSE Hung Hing Po & Helen Chung Foundation Limited
Dr. KWAN Man Woo Prof. TSE Man Yin St. Margaret's Church Choir
Dr. KWOK Siu Yin Janette Mr. WANG Fred St. Paul's Hospital

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